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The spiritual month of Ramadan is full of blessing from dawn to dusk. It is not allowed to drink, chew, or eat anything on public places of Dubai during Ramadan. You cannot smoke during day time while driving. It is not usual to arrest people on this basis, but the police are always there on the roads to keep a check. According to the stats, the rate of accidents becomes much higher during this month. People who are fasting are tired and thirsty and they can lose control over their vehicles. You may see several incidents every day on the roads due to this reason. If you are driving in Ramadan, consider the following tips to stay safe.

Keep an Eye on Other Vehicles

A lot of people driving during Ramadan are observing a fast which means they will feel tired by the time they drive home. This leads to distraction that may end up in an accident. You must remain patient to survive in such situations if you are driving on the busy roads of Dubai. Avoid driving a car which requires maintenance. If your personal car is not in good condition, you can hire a vehicle. This way you can drive a safe automobile and avoid accidents. Find the best car rental in international city Dubai to drive a vehicle in good condition. People may try to get out of the traffic by taking the fast lane. Keep in mind that even a minor interaction with another vehicle will add up some time to your commute. Don't mess with other drivers and keep a safe distance to avoid an accident.

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Keep a Distance from Taxis

Drivers in taxis spend all day driving. They feel tired especially when they are fasting. We get irritated when we drive for twenty minutes in traffic. Just think about these drivers who spend their whole day driving. Avoid taking taxis during Ramadan. You can hire a car if you don’t have one. Taxi drivers have to stop even for the minor damages or accidents and you don’t want to stand in the corner of the road to find another taxi.

Avoid Rush Hours

There is no shortcut that you can take to avoid traffic. You cannot go back to your place or reach your destination without spending time in the traffic. It is better to plan ahead for your trips during Ramadan, so you can leave before the rush hour. The working hours are usually similar in every company, so people leave for their home at the same time. The time between 2 to 4 pm is best during Ramadan to avoid traffic.

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