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You are thinking of what fun activities you can do in the open sea apart from an attempt at swimming probably near the coastline. How about you venture out a little further from the shore? By chartering a yacht in Dubai, you can engage in several watersport activities that can brighten your day to the point of exhaustion. Well, if you are in Dubai, you'll be spoilt for choice. A boat rental Dubai is enjoyable and entertaining if you know just the right thing or activities to do. Some of the most popular activities include water sports activities ranging from jet skiing and sailing to fishing and onboard barbecue parties.

Water Sports

Water Sports

Dubai, with a vast coastline, how can water sporting escape anyone's mind. Once but a sandy desert, today, Dubai has the best water sporting facilities that attract locals and tourists alike from all over the world. There are several water sports for everyone, from the brave to the light-hearted. The adrenaline enthusiasts can consider jet skis or the flyboat, which require grit. Ply the way you want, show off your water sports skills as your companions' cheer you on. Rise with the speed of the boat through the pristine waters. The lighthearted, on the other hand, can choose from banana boats, or the donut ride.


It is not what will cross your mind at first, but the Arabian waters make for excellent sport fishing activities. It's relaxing yet thrilling at the same time. Show off your angling skills by capturing one of the many aquatic life that pry the gulf waters. Fishing tours are nowadays a popular activity in the Gulf; therefore, your team won't be a loner in the open sea. Fishing is that free open sea activity that you won't tire from doing. It’s a sport for both the young and the old. The joy that comes with catching a fish yourself is a memorable one that deserves to be on the wall. The crew accompanying you will always know the best spots to get a bit of the fishing action.

Barbecue Parties On Yacht

Dinner and Barbecue Parties

Guests can always choose their itinerary and get the chance to use the onboard to grill to have a barbecue there and have a good meal. The yacht is like a moving high-end restaurant, with a fully equipped kitchen that caters to all your needs. Are you planning a romantic dinner cruise? The onboard chef will ensure you and your date have a fantastic time and a delicious meal to crown the moment. Guests can spend time on the deck of the yachts as they watch the skies and wait for their freshly prepared meals.

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