Five Not So Popular Destinations in Dubai That Every Traveler Must Visit

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When traveling, we are generally quick to add the most famous landmarks and tourist destinations on our to-do list. So much so that we neglect to take the road less traveled and explore some untouched destinations that offer breathtaking views and exciting activities. With car hire Dubai, you can travel the more non-commercial destinations in Dubai, and we have it on good authority that all these destinations fall under the must-see category. Here are the top underrated destinations of Dubai that every traveler must see!

Bastakia Quarter

This one is for all the lovers of all things historic. Bastakia Quarter, an old neighborhood right in the middle of the almost futuristic, metropolitan city of Dubai. Now beautifully restored, it is a sight to see at night when all the buildings are lit up. It gives you a taste of what Dubai was like before its grand architecture, as we know it today. Perhaps not considered the top tourist attraction and wrongfully so as it is completely underrated.

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Shakespeare & Co.

We also have one for the fine diners out there. Shakespeare & Co. is an elegant chain of patisseries, scattered all around the Middle East, it will leave you wanting more. Enjoy a gourmet meal in a beautifully decorated setting presented like only when in Dubai. You won’t regret feeding your appetite on this little gem of an eatery. Once again, an underrated experience when traveling Dubai but worth every effort of getting down to your nearest Shakespeare & Co. patisserie.

Wafi Light and Sound Show

A truly spectacular sight to see is definitely the Wafi Light and Sound Show. The ingenious manner in which the lights and sounds are projected will leave you speechless. This to the backdrop of the Pyramids as well as the Egyptian buildings is nothing short of awe-inspiring. We rate this to be one of the top activities that the entire family can enjoy.

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Dubai Desert Safari

A 225-square-kilometre natural reserve, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) should not be missed if you are traveling to Dubai. This is a destination that will appeal to all nature lovers. Dedicated to conserving the natural environment (which is beautiful) and biodiversity of the Arabian Desert, it is right up the alley of those who seek nature adventures. Not to mention SUV sand bashing, sand boarding and more available to tourists and locals alike.

Dubai Festival City

It has that extra ‘wow’ factor. As one of its kind, you definitely have to see the Dubai Festival City. In layman’s terms, it is a city within a city, often referred to as a mini city. Dubai has a host of wonderful destinations and attractions. Whether you decide to explore the desert or car hire Dubai Marina, Dubai will not leave you disappointed.

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