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Cyber security in Egypt comprises technologies, processes and controls that are designed to protect systems, networks and data from cyber attacks.

Effective cyber security reduces the risk of cyber attacks, and protects organizations and individuals from exploitation of systems, networks and technologies.

Effective cyber security


The most difficult aspect of cyber security is the rapidly changing nature of security risks. The traditional approach focused resources on protection against the bigger known threats not protecting systems against less dangerous risks.

Cyber security threats

Cyber securityCyber security is the need of the hour in order to protect information and other assets from cyber threats, which takes many forms.

  • Any type of malware where an attacker locks the victim's computer system files through encryption -- and demands a payment to unlock them.
  • Any file or program used to harm a computer user, such as worms, computer viruses, Trojan horses and spyware is known as Malware.
  •  Using social interaction & tricking users into violating security procedures to gain discerning & protected information.
  • Where fraudulent emails are sent that resemble emails from reputable sources; however, the intention of these emails is to steal sensitive data, such as credit card or login information is known as Phishing

Use of Cyber Security

The use of cyber security can help prevent cyber attacks, data breaches and identity theft and can aid in risk management.

When an organization has a strong security system and an effective strategy, it is better equipped to prevent and mitigate these attacks.

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