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Are you Fed-up of e-mail spams? You don’t want to waste your strength by pasting flyers and posters for the purpose of marketing. Do you? Are you tired of the old forms of communication and marketing? Have you tried SMS advertising in UAE or any other part of the world?
Do you know what SMS marketing literally means?

SMS advertising in uae

SMS marketing is basically marketing your product through the help of your mobile phone or smart phone whatever you call it. It is a new type of marketing and is yet to be established as it is passing through its early stages of development. Attracting a big viewership by the help of SMS marketing looks quite resourceful and makes a lot of sense. SMS marketing has been used since a decade but now the number of people using these devices is very impressive and has rapidly changed as compared to the olden times.
As the mobiles are used on a vastly growing rate, SMS marketing has remained no longer a phenomenon that can be overlooked. A cellular phone means a lot for a lot of people but now it is more about SMS marketing.
Now you must be thinking, SMS marketing to brand a product? Really? Yes really. I am serious.
The most incredible thing about SMS marketing is that you can connect with your costumer immediately as the customer refers your ad or marketing campaign SMS as a message. It is the fastest way to convey your product to the customers because 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes of their receiving. Yes, that quick response you can only achieve with SMS marketing.
When the first smart phones like black berry or I phone were introduced, only the actors and actresses or people belonging to the elite class were the people who were able to afford them. But now the smart phones are in the reach of every common man as their prices have come down. Also the people have found expertise in using them; reading newspapers, playing games and listening to music all have become a common place which was once taken as an achievement. 
In the olden times, if you had huge amounts of money to invest, you were the king of marketing. Advertisements on television, brochures and flyers passed on the walls of significant places like the gym, internet cafes, shopping centers, food courts etc. were required so that common people may take notice of your product. Moreover, the average response time for an email is 90 minutes or even longer than that. Emails use to sit in your inbox for days and months before the people have time to even look at them. While the average response time to an SMS is about 90 seconds. Then, what method will you choose?
SMS marketing has reached to such a level that it has been taken very seriously. People are now wise enough to choose the effective, cheap, fast and reliable source of marketing that is SMS marketing for their product. If you are wise enough and need a platform to market your product, try Media Mileage, the Key to SMS advertising in UAE. Media Mileage can always promise to develop and implement a dynamic text message campaign for your brand with minimum input from your end. So try it and broadcast your product to the customers.

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