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Today one can hardly find a person who’s never heard of a striking thing, which spread its net around the world. Just imagine what would happen if the Internet suddenly disappeared. It would be a real apocalypse, because, frankly speaking, there’re too many things which depend on it.

There’s the Internet connection at home, work, public transport, cafes – it’s always available due to mobile devices. You got used to the Internet as if it was a bosom friend of yours, because it gives immediate answers to all of your questions, gives you advice, helps a lot with your study and work, provides communication with relatives and friends, searching places, arranging trips and entertainment – other words, everything you want! And now think about your children. You’ve already been thinking about them, of course, but what importance do you attach to the impact Internet has on kids? At what age was your child allowed to get an Internet access? How do you control this process? It’s absolutely clear that the Internet is rather insecure for children.

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List of Risks

There’s a list of online risks and threats to children:

  • Inappropriate content;
  • Viruses and worms;
  • Contacts with unknown people in chats, emails, social networks and so on;
  • Purchases in online shops;
  • Swindlers’ tricks, promising money for nothing.

If your child is still small, then use the Internet together, you choose games, cartoons and so on. Remember, the time your child spends in front of a screen must be limited and reduced to 15-20 minutes.

But, while your child is still small, start explaining to him some rules of using the Internet. What one can do and what cannot. Teach your child how to differentiate the truth from lies and how to protect his personal data, take care of web-security. Tell your child about viruses and anti-virus programs, about search systems and the ways of getting information. Teach your child to stay away from advertising tricks. For better safety, use parental control software, however, take into account there’s always a risk of inappropriate content entry.

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Everything’s getting more serious when your child goes to school, has friends who use smartphones and laptops with Internet access or when he’s home alone and can use a computer without parental supervision. Computer networking and gaming addiction is a significant threat to your child’s nervous system. Remember that. Don’t leave it as that. It can be said without doubts that you can’t fully protect your child from harmful content that Internet has. One day it will happen. Forbidden fruit is sweet. And what is forbidden is always the most interesting. There are programs for parental control that show which web-sites your child visited and how much time spent there. You can also order vpn in Dubai in Vtech. But in the street you won’t be able to do anything if you are not there. Be attentive to your child’s needs and help him to avoid computer and Internet addiction by making other activities interesting, like reading books, doing sports and communicating with precious people.


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