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CREATOR Marketing Consultancy - SEO in Dubai by SEOTOP in UAEEffective promotion of services on the market is the primary task of any businessman.

The Internet brings maximum benefit to the most types of business. Why? Everything is very simple: when promoting services on the Internet you get the widest scope of audience. TV, radio, and printed media are still popular, but they do not compare with the virtual space, especially in the field of the promotion of services on the market. Do you want to promote your business online? Order SEO in Dubai by SEOTOP and you will be amazed at the results!

The Ways of Promotion

So, we have a product or service. Our task is to organize their promotion on the web. The most popular and effective ways of the promotion of services on the Internet are:

  • Search engine optimization. This method implies bringing of content and code of pages in a form that meets the requirements of search engines. If the site is relevant, promoted, popular among users, has the useful content and the right structure, it is highly valued by “Google” and “Yandex.” As a result, it goes on the top positions of SERP by specific keywords. For example the promotion of an online store of shoes on requests “buy men’s shoes” “purchase of women’s shoes” or “baby leather shoes.” Such an approach provides targeted traffic and directly affects sales volumes.
  • Contextual advertising. Placement of text blocks corresponding to the context of the page. For example, the advertising of the brand Canon next to the search results of the request “buys a camera.”
  • E-mail marketing. This method of the promotion of goods or services includes targeted e-mail advertising upon receipt of the corresponding permission (or the absence of refusal) of the mailbox’s owner.
  • Reputation management (SERM). The formation of a positive image of the company in the network, a rapid response to the biased feedback of a negative character, work complaints on forums and social networks.
  • The promotion in social networks (SMM). The complex of works on creation and maintenance of social media pages like “Facebook,” "Google+" etc. Work by the developed strategy and content plan, the dissemination of “virus” posts with positive meaning, increasing sales.
  • Distribution of SMS messages. The main aims of this method are informing potential customers about the promotions and new products, direct advertising, getting feedback. As a result, loyalty and awareness of the clients are increased, a direct contact with the buyers and customers of services is achieved.

Along with this, there are so-called aggressive ways of promoting of services on the Internet. They are popup windows, virus programs, spam, etc. The aggressive promotion differs in a low level of efficiency and creates a negative reputation of the company on the market. The usage of such methods remains the prerogative of the short-sighted businessmen, who want to get at least a scanty income.

The Advantages of the Internet Promotion

CREATOR Marketing Consultancy - Targeted Traffic in DubaiNowadays the benefits of promoting of services and goods in the network are not exhausted. In particular, they include:

  • Attracting of target users by age, regional, gender and other criteria;
  • Cost effectiveness (cost of promoting on the Internet is much lower than advertising in traditional media);
  • The opportunities of performance in the network, each user, each target action are taken into account, ensuring maximum awareness of the businessman on the identity of his efforts and results).

Investing in the Internet marketing, you make a bet not only on short-term profits but also on your future.


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