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In a world where technology is replacing everything, it seems that we are living in a virtual world. To keep our access to the virtual world, we need strong networking solutions. Network Solutions in Dubai, just like the rest of the world, are progressing everyday and are allowing small and large business owners in staying connected where ever they are. Whether the business is small or large, networking is important and it is more important to do it in the right way.

Many people do not understand the concept of network solutions and may not even know enough about it. This article will help you understand the basics of network solutions in Dubai and elsewhere.

Businesses usually function with one or two local area networks; each one is controlled by its own network router. When businesses grow, their network layout spread hence making the number of Local area networks increase, these are so that it is easier for the business to have an internal connectivity, this is called campus networking when the buildings may be close and wide area network when they are further apart.

Ethernet can be called the traditional internet. Many businesses set up Ethernet for fast browsing but they tend to have WIFI- or wireless connections too so that they have more devices to work with. Businesses connect their employees to their personal internet services and some also block certain websites so that the internet is not misused by the employees. Businesses can also set virtual private networks or VPNs for security and to keep an eye on the employee usage.

Many companies set up private instant messaging services, chat rooms, emails and similar systems. Unlike other systems, these are only for the users connecting the particular networking system. These services are for efficient business running among the employees and the boss. In comparison to home networks, business networks are much faster and offer more data to run their business smoothly.

Businesses usually set up private internet connections but the most common mistake they make is setting weak passwords. This allows other companies to easily hack into the systems and commit cyber crimes. Many businesses make wise decisions and set up an expiration date for the passwords so that they are forced to change them every fortnight or so. Businesses also set up guest users so that visitors can use it and be exposed to some information of the company.

  • To ensure efficient business networking, there need to be
  • Proper routers and switches so that your internet is not always disconnected causing you to go through the hassle of reconnecting it
  • Proper Wi-Fi access points so that Wi-FI is equally reachable to all points of the office and connection is strong throughout
  • VPN or virtual private network for security
  • Firewalls for security and so that no one can hack in the system

Structured cables so that they don’t break or disconnect. Also to keep high speed internet running all over.


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