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The world in recent years has created short messaging service or SMS. SMS is the easiest way of communicating with someone without making long awkward conversations! SMS is spread worldwide including Dubai. SMS advertising in Dubai has been introduced in recent years. SMS advertising is the shortest, quickest and easiest way to reach millions of people in a span of a few seconds! SMS advertisers usually use automated machines that are sent to random numbers throughout the city! SMS advertising includes promotional offers, news about the certain products, coupons, vouchers and more. To the receiver of the message, it may be annoying however it is a good source of marketing.

SMS advertising is a special kind of marketing technique that has its set of rules to make it affective. For example, text messages should be short and to the point, yet they should provide enough information to the receiver to be effective. Since SMS advertising entertains text only, it is easier to focus on the message rather than pictures and graphics. SMS advertising usually contains a hyperlink that is supported on mobile devices and some contact information, numbers or email addresses!

Just like other forms of media, recipients or SMS advertising can take full charge of what they want and what they don’t. Like you can change channels if you don’t like an advert, you can also read, delete, forward or keep the SMS. You can even opt out of the mailing list so that you do not receive suture messages! Some people also add the number into their ‘spam’ list so that they never receive the message without paying extra to send a text to get out of the mailing list. Usually, the SMS are automated and hence have a short code that has to be sent to a certain number to remove you from the mailing list. This sometimes can be paid for. Otherwise, it can be free too! 

In the modern developing times, MMS or multimedia messaging service has also been introduced! These allow pictures, videos and other forms of multimedia in an SMS. Usually, SMS have limited words that are to be sent; MMS have a higher word content that can be used and is sent. MMS are rather more expensive than SMS which is probably why SMS advertising is still widely and more popularly used than MMS advertising!

In addition to advertising, companies are using SMS advertising to allow users to buy products through SMS only. This is when the company sends in hyperlinks to let the recipient check the products out. These links are usually mobile friendly since almost every phone can easily be connected to the internet now days. Customers can select codes of products and message them and wait for delivery at their door steps.

With SMS advertising it has become easier and more convenient for businesses to market themselves or their product. They can even look for employees through messaging and get a positive feedback in minutes!


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